I don't know you

  • Year 2019
  • Personal Work
  • Editorial/Video/Poster
  • Nvshu is a syllabic script derived from Chinese characters that was used exclusively among women in Hunan, China. However, Nvshu is totally strange to most Chinese nowadays.

    I don't know you aims to protect this unique language through visual language. It contains four works to guide viewers to perceive this mystery culture with the approach of defamiliarizing the unfamiliarity.

    It’s interesting that we usually defamiliarize the ordinary objects in order to refresh the feelings, but when we face a strange thing, instead of looking through the websites and staring at the intensive texts, informations, what can I do in a more direct way to highlight its differences and attractiveness.



    This video aims to use disassembled strokes to convey different senses of movements which maybe hidden in an entire character. The scenes behind visualize and exaggerate the rhythm of different strokes in Nvshu characters.

    video1 video2 video1 video2 video3 video4 video5 video6


    The large-size newspaper makes the relationship and transformation between Chinese characters and Nvshu characters more evident.

    newspaper newspaper newspaper newspaper newspaper newspaper newspaper


    Poster is a medium to display the female rebellious spirit in Nvshu culture. Protest the misguided notion of male superiority. Disrupt the stereotype of woman. Revise the conservatism of traditional marriage.

    poster poster2 poster3

    Ⅳ Album

    Defamiliarize and transform Nvshu to be functional by placing them in the daily life, showing the basic function of words rather than an artwork or patten. The binding positions of those images represent the directions of vision.

    booklet booklet2 booklet3 booklet booklet2 booklet3